Tips, Tricks And Tweaks In Opera 10

Written by Pramodh KP

July 9th, 2009 at 8:17 am

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Here are some tips, tricks and tweaks which may be helpful and also fun to work with. This is done by using simple interface given by Opera for “about:config”.

Remove the close button from tabs:

You can remove the close buttons on hte right side of the tabs which is frustrating sometimes that you close them while moving from one tab to another. Type “about:config” (without inverts) in the address bar (where you type the address like You will get a screen of preferences. In that, using the Quick Find, type in “close”. You will get the list. Look for “Show Close Buttons” and uncheck it. Your work is done. Restart Opera. You wont see the close buttons any more on the tab.

Close Tabs by Double-clicking on them:

If you are tired of clicking on the small close tab button or right-clicking in the tabs, then here is is a simple tweak that helps you to change the option. As I said earlier go to preference editor. Again search for “close”. Now look for “Double Click to Close Tab” option and uncheck it. Save the changes. Restart. Your work is done.

Remove The Default Browser Dialog Box That Appears At Start:

This is a very good trick to make Opera open up faster. The default browser setup dialog box that apperas at the start makes the browser to load a lot slower. You can stop that box from coming. You can do this in the same preference editor as I had told earlier. In that search for “default browser”. You will get a option named “Show Default browser dialog”. Uncheck this. Restart Opera and you can see that there wont be any prompt for amking the browser default and there will be a considerable increase in speed.

Strikethrough opened link:

In the Preferences Editor, search as “strike”. You will get two branches “Link” and “Visited Link”. Check the strike-through option and restart frefox. The next time you visit a link you will see that the visited link is stroked off.

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