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How to Re-Open Previously Opened Windows At Logon in Windows 7

Many a times, you may want to open some folders every time when you log on to your computer. Or, maybe due to some problems, you were computer shut do

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How to Save Excel Table or Chart As An Image

Recently, I wanted to save an Excel table as an image so that I can add it in one of my blog posts. But, when I tried I couldn't find any option to sa

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How to Print Gridlines Along With Data in Excel Worksheet

Gridlines are the gray lines that divide each of the cells, rows, and columns in a spreadsheet. Usually in Microsoft Excel, by default, these grid lin

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Windows 8 Conceptual Video – Windows 8 Rumours

Windows 7 is yet to get popular, but there is already curiosity increasing among people about how Windows 8 would look! However, there has been no new


Access Your Google Documents Through Microsoft Office With OffiSync

Sometimes it so happens that you need multiple features in a single product. That is where the add-ons or plug-ins get their role to play. Today, in t

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Download Windows 7 Ultimate Gamers Edition

Are you a hard-core gamer? Do you play HD games on your PC? Then here is the best OS that suits you. Windows 7 Ultimate Gamers Edition, is an tweaked


Change The Function Of The Power Button In Your CPU

It will be so good if you could turn off your computer with justĀ  a single switch like other appliances, without any formalities of shutting down et

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How To Save Fonts With A Microsoft Office Document

Many of you might have faced this problem, i.e., you create your document with certain font in any higher version of Microsoft Office and would have s

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