Send and Receive Notifications on Google Plus via SMS

Written by Pramodh KP

July 2nd, 2011 at 9:33 pm

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Okay, even though I couldn’t access Google Plus through my account, I used it from my bro’s account and so far, I have no reason to dislike it. While I was exploring the features, I found this useful Google Plus setting, where you can send and receive notifications through your normal mobile phone. So, good news for people who don’t own a smartphone!

However, the sending feature is currently restricted only to Indian users, while the receiving feature is availbale for Indians and US users. Alright, now let’s look at how to enable it.

First, login to your gmail account. Go to Google Plus page, by clicking on the +YourName button on the top navbar. Then, click on the small button (looks like some kind of spiked wheel) in the top-right corner of the screen. In the dropdown, click on Google+ settings.

In the Google+ settings page, under the “Set delivery preferences”, you will have an option to add your phone number. Select the country as India, and add your phone number to the account. It will send you a confirmation number through a message which you have to enter it into the confirmation box for verification.


If the above procedure is completed without any problems, then you are up and ready to receive and send updates through SMS. Now, all you need to do is select when to receive notifications.


In order to send updates through SMS, like any other service, you need to follow certain syntax. These SMSes have to be sent to the number +91 9222222222. The standard message and data rates apply to these messages.You can send your updates using the following commands.

  • Circles – @[circle name]
  • Extended Circles – @extended
  • Public – @public
  • Any email address – @[email address]

If you want more information/examples on how to use the above commands, visit this page.

Another feature that is notable here is the SMS security PIN. There are chances that sometimes, your SMS might be intercepted (hacked) while sending or someone might pretend to send from your mobile phone. In such cases, Google will be unable to recognize the foul-play. So, if you add a security pin in your notifications, such cases can be avoided.


Okay, last but not the least if you ever want to stop the notifications you need to send STOP to the same number above. Happy Google Plus-ing!

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  • joe

    how does this work if i have a canadian phone number?
    can i update google plus from canada?
    can i recieve google plus notifications from canada?

    I have a google plus account, but it says “invalid phone number” when i put my canadian phone number in

  • Pramodh KP

    No, at present this is available only in India and US. So, you will have to wait and see in the future…But, I doubt it…. Thanks for asking :) Monkshow current page