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August 13th, 2011 at 1:20 pm

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It often happens that you remember the content present in a particular file, but forget the name of that file. In such situations, it becomes difficult to look for a particular file you want. Also, it will be a nightmare if it is archived (i.e., in .zip, .rar formats).

There are very few tools, I guess, that look for text inside the archived files too, and one such tool is LookDisk. LookDisk is a small freeware tool, weighing around 10 MB. It has many good features. Overall, it’s a fully packed tool for searching something on your computer, which a normal Windows Explorer search won’t yield you.

Let me dive right into the features of this tool. I am going to list out only the features that are not present in, or different from other search tools available.

  • First, as I told you above, it can search even files inside archives, for text.
  • There are two tabs. One called “Search parameters” and the other “Ext parameters” for any kind of search – Be it a search for duplicate files, or general search. You can save the parameters that you choose for a particular search.
  • Search for multiple file names or exclude multiple file names.
  • You can exclude files with certain extensions, even archives.
  • You can also search for top 10 largest files in a drive or a folder.


These are some of the prominent and unique features in this tool. As far as I know, there are not much tools that have all the general features along with these additional features. So, I can say that this is a fully packed search tool for Windows.

Also, if you are searching for a tool that would only search within compressed files, then you can do that right from your computer.

How to Search for Compressed Files in Windows 7 search

First, open any folder. Click on “Organize” button on the top-left corner. Go to “Folder and Search options”. There, under the search tab, select “Include compressed files (ZIP,CAB..). That’s it.


You can now search even inside compressed files. However, this might slow down the search a little bit.

Download LookDisk

Do you know any other tool worth mentioning? Then, please let me know through the comments form below.

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