How to Save Excel Table or Chart As An Image

Written by Pramodh KP

July 21st, 2011 at 8:48 am

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Recently, I wanted to save an Excel table as an image so that I can add it in one of my blog posts. But, when I tried I couldn’t find any option to save my table as an image. But, I remember sometime earlier that I had saved tables as pictures. I searched online for it, but no forums or blogs, suggested me a good and simple answer. However, it didn’t take a long time for me to figure out how to do it. So, here I am, writing an article on the same, in case it helps you too!

When I searched for the solution online, I found many answers like, saving a excel spreadsheet as a webpage and then, converting that webpage into an image. Or, I found some cumbersome visual basic code (I think so, am not sure)on Microsoft Forums. But, here is a simple solution that I found out to this problem.

You can convert, not only excel tables, but also Smart Arts, Charts and Word Arts into images, using this trick. Let me get to the process now.

If you have a table, already created in Excel,

  • Copy that table. excel save table
  • Open a new PowerPoint presentation.
  • Paste the table into an empty slide.
  • Right-click on the table, and select the option “Save as Picture”.save as picture table

That’s it, you are done! Your table is now saved as a PNG image file!

We are actually using a simple feature, that’s already present in MS Office. However, the feature is limited only to MS PowerPoint, not MS Excel or MS Word. I wonder why.

P.S. The same procedure can be followed for converting Smart Arts, Charts and Word Arts into images.

Simple, isn’t it? Please leave your comments and share if you have any other way of doing this.

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  • Randis Silas

    Was having the exact same issue. Mine was a bit different though. Making a Playoff bracket using team logos for my blog. I was able to get it into PowerPoint but it will not bring over the team logos. Ended up saving it in Excel as a WebPage, opening that file and taking a screenshot of exactly what I wanted. Definitely wish there was an easier way to do this!

  • Drkhan1936

    thanks , lot of help

  • James


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  • JKO

    This works, but only if the table isn’t too long. I’m still struggling to do this with a table that is longer than a normal page–it’s really really irritating! Any suggestions?

  • tech_monk

    I think it should work with large tables too.. I don’t understand why you can’t. Maybe it won’t fit into the slide, but it should still work..

    If that is also not working then try pasting it on a word file.. maybe that can help. Monkshow current page