GetaFixx- Contact Experts And Solve Your problems In A Jiffy!

Written by Pramodh KP

December 3rd, 2009 at 10:48 pm

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It is pretty boring and hard to search for experts to get a solution ot our problems online. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your problems be solved by experts any time?  Today, I am going to introduce you to a really useful and intelligent bot that could help you to get your problems solved through experts of any field in a jiffy! voice_tap_getafixx

Getafixx is a gtalk/gmail bot that helps you to find experts in any field. It connects you to experts in various fields, so that you could clarify your doubts with them. To connect with them, this is what you have to do.

Add this bot to your Gtalk contact list.

After adding this bot, just ping once and it will guide you through the remaining process. A recent post at Tech Bangalore has written a detailed conversation between the bot and the user. Check that here. The interesting feature here is that the creators of this bot have made even the registration of your account through pings!

In this post, I would like to deal about some of the technical aspects about this bot. After your registration is successful, it asks you to enter the topic you would like to contact the experts for. You have to enter the desired subject preceded by “Search”.

After doing so, the bot will search for experts online and give a unique ID for you to ping the expert. First, you need to connect to the expert by using this syntax, connect @Unique ID. Now, you will be connected to the expert. You can discuss about your doubts with the experts and end the chat.

You too can become an expert!

Yes, if you want to help other people and show off your expertise in any field, you can even become an expert. To do this, you need to use this syntax, Expert <Your expertised categories>. That’s it.

Here are some commands that could help you while using this bot.

– To search, type search [your query] (Example: search IIT)
– To speak directly with the expert (if you know his unique ID) type connect @[unique id] (Example: connect @5)
– If you want to allow / disallow any details from going to the expert, please type details followed by Y / N
– To change your expert categories at any time, please type expert.
– To view experts currently online, please type online.

Here is the official website of this bot: Voicetap

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  • Vivek

    Hey Pramodh,

    Thanks for review. As of today over 500 + experts are on the platform. We would be making the experts more accessible as we go live over the mobile in the next one month.

  • M

    Glad you liked the service – and thanks for reviewing it. Its gaining a fair bit of traction, and we are looking at newer things in the near future. Will keep you updated.



  • pramodh kp

    Good to see that an Indian site so useful is working!

  • pramodh kp

    Great, You guys are doing good work! Just Carry on!

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