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How to Browse your Localhost from any Device on the Same Network

Recently, I had to transfer files from my computer to my Android device (Without actually connecting, over the air). Well, the way that I usually used

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Android onTouch() Method Registering Multiple Times

This is a simple issue that I faced while tinkering around android api. The onTouch() event is called when a touch event is dispatched to a view. T


How to Re-Open Previously Opened Windows At Logon in Windows 7

Many a times, you may want to open some folders every time when you log on to your computer. Or, maybe due to some problems, you were computer shut do

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How to Make a Neat Horizontal Bar with Social Buttons

Just a few days ago, I changed the theme of my blog, with my own one. While designing my own theme, I was kind of stuck with one thing. If you came to

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Create Extension of Any Website/Blog for Any Browser Using Extension Factory

The basic motive of any blog is to share content with people about any topic. Sharing is done by different means - example, through social networks li

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Upload/Download Files To and Across your Social Networks from Desktop

It is the age of Cloud computing. People edit and save most of their work online, in the cloud these days. However, if you look back a few years, t

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Facebook Multiple Account Login, using Userscripts

Most of us are familiar with the feature in Gmail, that allows multiple-sign ins. If you are searching for a similar feature for Facebook, then here i

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How to Permanently Add Subtitles File to A Video File

There are two ways of adding subtitles to a movie or any video, for that matter. First method, is to manually add an external file usually by "drag an

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How to Save Excel Table or Chart As An Image

Recently, I wanted to save an Excel table as an image so that I can add it in one of my blog posts. But, when I tried I couldn't find any option to sa

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How to Get the Old Facebook Chat

Recently, Facebook launched a new chat sidebar. Majority of the people hated it for different reasons. Some reasons are: It's very long, irritatin

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