Any Easy Way to Extend the Trial Period of Software.

Written by Pramodh KP

May 11th, 2009 at 9:59 am

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Hello readers,
Here is very simple way to extend the period limit in many trial version softwares. The thing is so simple that even a computer novice can do it in a fraction of second.
I am going to show this with a simple tutorial to get your work done fast. I am trying out my idea on the software called Snag It. This is software I got in a CD. This was a 30-day trial limit software. It’s software for taking screenshots. I liked the software very much. So I tried many ways to extend the trial period of that software and came out with one successful way. Here it is for you people:
1. I just installed the software and saw the trial limit. It was for 30 days. I installed it on 30- 4- 09
2. I used it for a couple of days, till 07-05-09. There was 23 days left
3. Then, you don’t believe me all I did was I just changed the system date to the day I installed and lo! The software again had 30 day time period.

So, that’s how I extended the time period for trial version software.

P.S. This trick may not work on all the softwares, but sure to work on many.

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  • Anonymous

    good one

  • Hack Airtel GPRS

    Hey friend, thanks a lot for the information… It helped me a lot.
    Also, I found one more related article useful to extend trial period over here:
    Reset trial software

    I guess it will be helpful to all over here.

  • Pramodh KP

    Glad that you liked the trick friend…

  • Shoaib

    Hey, extending trial is not so easy as you have showed it easier.

  • Pramodh KP

    Yes, I agree shoaib. But many tools like the one I gave as an example above can be extended. Even the WinRAR application can be done in a similar way. Try it. If not, there is even a tool that helps you to do so. Thanks for your comment!

  • Bob

    Use Deep freeze haha
    best idea in all these forums that nobody has thought of so far
    works perfectly except for programs like AV’s etc which must call home
    When the manufactures start finding out about this trick they will all have to stop giving out trials because this method beats every trial which does not have to phone home to install. My method is foolproof and perfect. install any trial but don’t run 1st time. Now freeze computer and trial will restart from day one each time till hell freezes over. Save work or documents on another unfrozen drive. Just play with this and when you figure it out let the good times roll. While in frozen state you can visit any web site and get 1000 viruses completely erase registry or open infected email but when you reboot all is back to normal. This is the best trick I have ever come up with and just wanted to share. But if you really like the program buy it then you can update. Or every six months you can simply download new versions with new updates. Possibilities are endless and I gotta eat some food

  • Bob

    Hope I’m not cutting my throat cause if this goes viral all companies will have to change their methods
    cause this method does not touch the software in any way only prevents changes to your computer, like reversing trial counter each time you close the computer

  • MAD

    I think we can use trial vrsn s/w on virtual OS using “VMWARE” or “VIRTUAL BOX”, coz running OS in VMWARE is jst like re-instalt’n of OS , so may b it wrk………….

  • Pramodh KP

    Ya, thats also an option… Thanks for suggesting! Monkshow current page