Upload/Download Files To and Across your Social Networks from Desktop

It is the age of Cloud computing. People edit and save most of their work online, in the cloud these days. But, that doesn’t mean that we would stop using our local storage. We still use our local storage as backup always. So, if you are a person, who stores a lot of data online on different social networks and other file sharing sites, then Social Folders is an excellent tool to use

How to Browse your Localhost from any Device on the Same Network

A post on how to access localhost of your computer from any device – a device on the same network, or a device on a different network

Android onTouch() Method Registering Multiple Times

Resolve multiple registers by an onTouch() event issue

General Technology Quiz – 1 [Computing and Internet Mostly]

A quiz on general things in the world of technology

How to Re-Open Previously Opened Windows At Logon in Windows 7

Sometimes, when you have lots of folder open and you are working on something important, as the luck would have it, there will be a power cut and the next time you log on to your system you have to open all those folders again. Ever, run into this problem? Then here is a tip for you that can save you!

Migrate Opened Tabs from Firefox to Google Chrome with Open in Chrome [Extension]

Have you ever been in a situation that you had some tabs opened in Firefox, and suddenly for any reason, wanted all those same tabs open in Google Chrome. If so, this extension will help you to do so!

6 Websites that Help you To Bypass Megavideo, VideoBB, VideoZer Sites Time Limit

Here are a list of websites that help you to bypass megavideo, videobb, videozer time limits easily. All you need to do is enter the URL and click “Watch”. Check out which are those websites!

How to Make a Neat Horizontal Bar with Social Buttons

Social networking sites provide a great way to share content with people. So, it’s important that your content is equipped with good sharing options. In this tutorial, I talk about a code that I wrote to create a horizontal bar with all social buttons in one line

Create Extension of Any Website/Blog for Any Browser Using Extension Factory

Sharing content is the basic motive any blogger has. The more the ways to share your content, the more the traffic and reader base. Here is a tool that helps you to create extension for your blog using your feed easily, in just a click!

Search for Text In Compressed Files, Duplicate Files and More with LookDisk

Are you finding it difficult to search for your files using the usual Windows Explorer search? Then, LookDisk is a good search tool with some unique and extraordinary features

How to Limit Download and Upload Rate in uTorrent

It is difficult to browse the web while downloading torrents, if you have an average speed broadband connection, as most of the bandwidth is used by the torrents itself. Here is a simple tutorial that teaches how to limit the download and upload rate of the torrents in uTorrent

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